• Thomas C. Pedersen

    Thomas C. Pedersen

    CEO & Technical Director

    Tom Pedersen has more than 40 years of experience in lubricating and formulating rigid PVC, and has developed countless lubricants systems for PVC pipe and vinyl building products.

    Tom received his degree in chemical engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1976. He started his career as a research engineer for Johns-Manville in Denver, CO, and later worked for American Hoechst in Somerville, NJ. He founded Rheochem, a Columbia, Missouri based manufacturer of waxes and PVC lubricants in October 1982. He remained at the helm of Rheochem until it was acquired by Honeywell in 1997.

    Tom is a senior member of the American Chemical Society, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the Society of Plastics Engineers.    

  • Robert R. Kwapisz, Jr.

    Robert R. Kwapisz, Jr.

    Senior Vice President

    Rob Kwapisz joined the Rheogistics team in 2007. He received his degree in chemistry from Michigan State University in 1986, and has been active in the rigid PVC industry for the last 30 years. Rob is a past president of the Vinyl Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers. He has vast experience in rigid PVC formulating and processing, especially for vinyl building products. Prior to Rheogistics, Rob was employed in technical positions by Alcoa, CertainTeed, GE, and Honeywell.

  • Jon Repp

    Jon Repp

    Director of Operations

    Jon Repp has more than 25 years of experience operating plants manufacturing waxes, lubricant systems and other hot melt products. He is uniquely talented, extraordinarily capable, highly skilled and extremely practical. Jon refined the design and perfected the operation of Rheogistics’ unique wax processing and finishing operations and supervised the growth and development of Rheogistics’ plant site, building and process. He oversees the daily operation of our process and overall plant site, coordinates all plant capital projects, and schedules all production and in-bound raw materials. In his spare time, Jon enjoys fishing, hunting and cooking.

  • Marty Grimes

    Marty Grimes

    Business Development Director

    Marty Grimes joined Rheogistics in 2012. He has worked for Rheogistics in production, quality assurance, research and development, and marketing. He received his degree in mathematics from the University of Southern Mississippi, and taught high school mathematics before joining the Rheogistics team. He also coached high school football and baseball. Marty was born and raised in the greater Picayune area.

  • Amy Hall

    Amy Hall

    Director of Finance and Accounting

    Amy Hall has more than 20 years of experience in accounting and finance. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree, magma cum laude, as well as her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, cum laude, both from the University of Memphis. At Rheogistics, Amy oversees all financial and accounting operations as well as development of Quickbook based management information systems tailored to meet the needs of our operations.   

  • Charlie Lee

    Charlie Lee

    Plant Manager

  • Thomas Necaise

    Thomas Necaise

    Lead Lab Technician

  • Earl Kessling

    Earl Kessling

    Product Development and Planning

  • Jody Faulkner

    Jody Faulkner


  • Trecia Powell

    Trecia Powell

    Customer Service and Logistics

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