Vinyl Building Products

America’s Largest Supplier

Vinyl building products are widely used in home construction in North America as well as the rest of the world due to their attractive appearance, durability, weather resistance, energy efficiency, and low-maintenance requirements.

Rigid PVC can be processed without most commonly used additives, but it cannot be processed without lubricants. The right combination of the best available lubricating molecules results in rigid PVC formulations with good inherent stability and excellent physical properties. Optimizing the selection of lubricant molecules and their balance allows the levels of more expensive ingredients (particularly heat stabilizers, impact modifiers, and process aids) to be minimized, and in some cases, eliminated.

A vinyl building products manufacturer often develops its PVC formulation by selecting the PVC resin, heat stabilizer, impact modifier, process aid, filler, and pigment systems and then formulates a lubricant system that will allow everything to work on its extrusion equipment. Usually six to eight different lubricant molecules are used to obtain the best results. The resulting system is very difficult for most rigid PVC operations to manage, both logistically and physically. Rheogistics can combine ten or more different lubricant molecules into one easy-to-handle and manage lubricant system.  

Rheogistics offers an extensive line of high-quality lubricants for vinyl building products that can be purchased individually or used as building blocks for more advanced synergistic lubricant systems.

Our basic products for the vinyl building products industry include:

  • RX-165 Classic: Fully Refined Parffin
  • RX-170: FT Paraffin
  • RX-195: High Efficiency FT Paraffin
  • RX-215: Low Density o-PE
  • RX-216: High Density o-PE
  • RX-5050: Dust Free Calcium Stearate
  • RX-315-S: Blend of RX-170 and 15% RX-215
  • RX-320-S: Blend of RX-170 and 20% RX-215
  • RX-523: Complex Engineered Lubricant
  • RX-727: High Performance Engineered Lubricant
  • RX-2975: Versatile Lubricant System for All Applications
  • RX-4140: Total Lubricant System for Window Profiles
  • RX-4570: Total Lubricant System for Siding Substrate
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