PVC Pipe and Fittings

When Art is a Science

Lubricants are used to moderate and focus the work imparted into rigid PVC during extrusion, and often make or break a PVC pipe formulation. The right combination of lubricants results in both strong PVC pipe products and highly-efficient extrusion operations.  Wall control, degree of fusion, overall pipe toughness, impact resistance, tensile strength, and surface finish are some the finished product characteristics affected by the lubricant system. Choosing the best lubricating molecules and defining the optimum balance for a PVC pipe extrusion operation is very complex and requires in-depth understanding of all relevant factors. Today, lubrication of rigid PVC is still an art, but with each day, the art of rigid PVC lubrication at Rheogistics is based on better and stronger science.

Rheogistics has unique insights into the inner workings of rigid PVC and how to lubricate it. We create and deliver the most complex and cost-effective performance lubricant systems in the world today.

Rheogistics offers a complete line of high-quality lubricants for rigid PVC pipe extrusion. Products range from individual ingredients such as paraffin waxes, oxidized polyethylene waxes, and dust free calcium stearate to complex lubricant systems designed for specific applications. 

Most of our standard products for the PVC piping industry are approved for use in the PPI PVC Pipe Range Composition Standard. They include:

  • RX-165: Parffinic Hydrocarbon
  • RX-170: FT Paraffin
  • RX-195: High Efficiency FT Paraffin
  • RX-100: Green Chemistry Paraffinic
  • RX-215: Low Density o-PE
  • RX-216: High Density o-PE
  • RX-5050: Dust Free Calcium Stearate
  • RX-310: Blend of RX-165 and 10% RX-215
  • RX-313: Blend of RX-165 and 13% RX-215
  • RX-315-S: Blend of RX-170 and 15% RX-215
  • RX-320: Blend of RX-165 and 20% RX-215
  • RX-320-S: Blend of RX-170 and 20% RX-215
  • RX-2675: Total Lubricant System - Lean
  • RX-3075: Total Lubricant System - Mid
  • RX-3370: Total Lubricant System - Rich
  • RX-4250: Total Lubricant System for Highly Filled Rigid PVC
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