Custom Waxes

Rheogistics is a major manufacturer of paraffin wax-based lubricants for rigid PVC. Our business focus has always been on the rigid PVC markets, where we have in-depth product application knowledge, experience, and unique product technology. We have substantial high-efficiency production capacity in southern Mississippi, a strategic location nearby major refineries and the port of New Orleans, for blending and prilling a wide variety of waxes.

We routinely add various additives to hot liquid paraffin and hydrocarbon waxes. The Custom Waxes group of Rheogistics supplies custom-made waxes for end users and custom manufacturing services to other wax processors and wax marketing organizations.

Our manufacturing process results in small beads of wax (prills), which are a very desirable form of solid paraffin waxes for dozens of applications. We manufacture low to medium viscosity hot melt wax blends and finish them as prilled products in a fluidized bed spray chill process. We can provide expertise in formulating waxes using a range of raw materials that are always in stock or based on raw materials supplied by the customer. Rheogistics receives bulk waxes by tank truck or rail car.  Products are packaged in multi-wall paper bags, typically weighing 50 pounds or in 1,000 to 2,000-pound supersacks.

The Custom Waxes group of Rheogistics can help improve your wax supply chain and logistics, or create opportunities previously not available to your business. For more information, please email us at: All inquiries will be treated confidentially.

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